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Double-saddle dental stool – Akura

The Double-Saddle Dental Stool is designed to provide optimal comfort and support during extended periods of dental treatment. With its

DoubleEase Pro Stool – Riku

Enjoy unmatched comfort and support with the DoubleEase Pro Stool – Riku. Intended for dental professionals, these stools are designed

DuoDent Comfort Stool – Yuna

Elevate your dental practice with the DuoDent Comfort Stool – Yuna, the perfect blend of style, comfort and function. Designed

EaseDent Comfort Stool – Aiko

EaseDent Comfort Stool – Aiko is the ultimate solution for dental professionals looking for ergonomic support and comfort. Its innovative

EasySolo Dental Stool – Kaito

EasySolo Dental Stool – Kaito is the perfect blend of form and function for dental professionals. Ergonomically designed, these stools

QuickEase Dental Stool – Sakura

QuickEase Dental Stool – Sakura is ideal for dental professionals looking for comfort and efficiency. These stools were designed with

TwinFlex Dental Stool – Nao

TwinFlex Dental Stool – Nao is a must for dental professionals looking for comfort and flexibility. Its ergonomic design ensures